Get Your CanSail Number and benefit from insurance discount

OSA is collaborating with Sail Canada in encouraging our sailors and volunteers to obtain a CANSail profile. This will help both OSA and Sail Canada to build a database with which to document the number of individuals involved in Canadian sailing programs as sailors and as volunteers. Having this information is essential for establishing credibility for our sport as well as for fundraising purposes. When creating your CANSail profile on the Sail Canada website you will need to choose your sailing club from the list in the dropdown menu for "Member Club Affiliation".

* If you don't have a CANSail number, you can register for a CANSail number click here

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Boat insurance, and Skippers Plan for those with a CANSail Number

Skippers Plan (CG&B). Their phone number is 416-789-7211.

Who are eligible

  1. All Sail Canada members including current members of yacht clubs, class associations and sailing schools
  2. Spouse of the eligible Members
  3. All dependent children of the members provided they reside with the individual and are 25 years of age or younger; or attending school or college.

Exclusive Sail Canada Skippers’ Plan features

  1. Decreasing deductible endorsement
  2. Emergency expense endorsement for towing vehicle & trailer
  3. Regatta expense coverage
  4. Racing collision claims settled based on protest committee decision

 Skippers’ Plan highlights

  1. Agreed Value coverage on boats up to 30 years of age
  2. Replacement cost coverage on partial losses
  3. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage available for new boats
  4. Accidental fuel spill coverage
  5. Freezing damage covered
  6. Newly acquired watercraft included
  7. Broad navigation area
  8. Endorsements available for extension to US and Caribbean
  9. Personal property coverage
  10. Emergency towing expense coverage
  11. Voluntary medical payment
  12. Uninsured or underinsured boater coverage
  13. Loss of use
  14. Claims free discount
  15. Premium discount for Sail Canada courses
  16. Trip planning
  17. Concierge services