Building the 2017 AC Class Race Yachts

Photo by Richard Gladwell of Sail-World

Boatbuilding crews are hard at work building the AC50 Class race boats. The hulls are built in three pieces: deck, lower hull section, bow section.

  • The lower section has most of the structure, including the cockpit floor and the reinforcement for the daggerboard cage.
  • The upper section has cutouts for the crew cockpits.
  • The 2.7 meter long bow section unbolts so the hull can fit in a 40 foot container.
  • The skin of the bow section is the only part of the yacht required to be built in the country of the yacht club it represents.
  • Oracle and Team Japan are having their boats built at Core Builders in New Zealand.
  • Team New Zealand is also building their boat in New Zealand, at Cooksons.
  • Artemis Racing, Land Rover BAR and Groupama Team France are all building their boats in their home countries, using tooling furnished by Core Builders.