2016 Olympic sailing in Rio started Monday

Guanabara Bay delivered some great sailing conditions to launch the Olympic Sailing Competition Monday, but it was still very, very tricky out there. The sunny skies and 10 to 14 knot winds from the south-east were just what competitors wanted to begin their Olympic campaigns, and some of the favourites romped away to a dominant start while others faltered badly. Some clear leaders have already emerged in the two Windsurfer events, but the results have been shared much more equally around the Men's and Women's Singlehander fleets.

A full list of sailors racing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is available to view here - http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/qualification/sailors.php#.V6ZHvo6BLqM. Results will be available on World Sailing's Olympic Website when racing starts on Monday 8 August here - http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/results/index.php#.V6ZH_Y6BLqM

The racing will be available to watch in 2D and 3D via the live tracking. Live tracking will be available when racing commences via - http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/multimedia/live_tracking.php

Live Tracking via the Sailviewer-3D Tablet App will be available for devices with 7" or greater screens.

Click here to download the iOS Application - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sailviewer-3d/id912801278
Click here to download the Android Application - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stsportservice.sailviewer

The Competition Status Screen feeds in straight from the Race Committee boats with the teams inputting data such as race times, course type, the status of each race and the plan moving forward. The competition status screen will be available when racing commences via - http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/multimedia/live_tracking.php

Sailing journalist Craig Leweck will be following the racing LIVE on World Sailing's Olympic Blog throughout Rio 2016. Follow LIVE here - http://www.sailing.org/olympics/rio2016/multimedia/live_blog.php#.V6dUbY6BLqM

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