The ORCA Annual Awards are awarded to outstanding Ontario sailors that define the Ontario tradition of outstanding athletics, ethics, camaraderie and a true commitment to the sport of sailing.

Recipients can be someone who either improved the most, is enthusiastic, contributed the most to the fleet and ORCA or in some other way distinguished themselves.

The Sportsperson of the year is in recognition for the individuals contribution to catamaran sailing and our sailors in their area and in general. This person should be an inspiration to their fellow sailors and motivational. Fleet building and event organization are also good criteria.

The 2016 ORCA Award recipients

Youth Sailor of the year - Anatoliy Duko (F18 sailor)

Anatoliy participated in the 2015 Around the County Long Distance Race and his proficiency on the F18 impressed everyone. Then on May 16th Sergey and Anatoliy Duko of Mississauga Sailing Club competed in the Florida 300 endurance race on their NACRA F18. The race was from Islamorada, in the Keys, to Daytona Beach over a period of 5 days. During that time they battled howling winds, blinding thunderstorms and monster waves. At one time, Sergey said that the wind had literally pick their catamaran out of the water. After all that, they only suffered a broken spinnaker pole. That was some adventure! At the finish, Sergey and Anatoliy placed 8th overall and second in their class. A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Anatliy, we are all proud of your accomplishments.

Skipper of the year - Larry Woods (A-Cat sailor)

We are privileged to have some top A-cat racers within our group, Larry has been the catalist in the A-Cat fleet, supported by his brothers Andrew and Todd.  They have been known as the "Canadian Invasion" promoting a high caliber of racing in a fun and enthusiastic way that is contagious.

Tactician of the year - Marty Vandenberg (Hobie 16 sailor)

Marty has been sailing with Mauro for the past 3 years, they both participated in the 2016 Pan Am Trials. An avid music lover, he brings his music, his fun loving and charming personality to our sport. Marty and Mauro won BBB high portsmouth award 4 years running. He is a fearless tactician willing to come out no matter what is needed.

Sportsperson of the year - Stephen Clarke (Nacra 17 sailor)

Stephen has been Commodore of the BBB for about 10 years, during that time have seen many changes with the city, the clubs position on the beach. Have successfully moved club from beach club to a not for profit. Stephen handles PR with the city, and city serves with diplomacy. He's also continued to build the club racing series, with continued increase in participation on week night races which builds our future.

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