Around PEC Long Distance Race


August 1/2/3, 2020
Prince Edward County, Ontario
Event contact: David Antognini - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a 3 leg long distance event which covers approximately 200km. Prince Edward County is an island in Lake Ontario. The race starts in Trenton and goes clockwise. Each leg is designed so that even with minimal wind (5 knots) the legs won't be too long. The shortest leg time to date was about 3 hours in a 15 knot breeze and the longest was 8 hours in 3-4 knots of wind. Test your navigation skills and endurance surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in Ontario.

Eligible Boats

Double handed multihulls with spinnaker. All multihulls are scored together using ISAF SCHRS as one fleet. There will also be a class for bigger multihulls. Each leg will be scored individually as a race and not on total elapsed time. There is no throw-out.


The race begins in Trenton and ends at Wellington Beach. Each night we stay at a different location. Your car and trailer need to get to the final destination, Wellington Beach, Wellington before the race begins, preferably on Friday. Your camping gear and beach wheels need to get to the layover campgrounds on Saturday night, and then on Sunday.

Because of the distances and the geography, it is impossible to move the vehicles from stop to stop, UNLESS you bring a 3rd person as a shore crew. The best way to get your equipment from stop to stop is to have your own shore crew. If you don't have a shore crew there is a truck that will bring the gear around for you (but not your car or trailer).

The end point of the course is about a 90 minute drive to the starting location. You are responsible for getting back to your vehicle at the end. If you drop out of the event early then you must arrange your own transportation back to your vehicle.

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
  Trenton to Hay Bay Hay Bay to Waupoos Waupoos loop
Arrive Trenton
Rig boat
Transport car and trailer to Wellington
Stay overnight
9am rig boat
10am load trailer with your camping gear/food/clothing
11am launch boat/put cat trax in trailer
12 noon start. The start line is the last set of channel marks going into Trenton
9am rig boat
10am load trailer
11am Rabbit Start
8am rig boat
9am load trailer
11am Rabbit Start

Friday night you can put a tent up at the launch site or else stay at:
Ramada Inn TRENTON
Tel: 613-394-4855

What to bring

Camping gear for 3 days of camping. You must bring your own food. If you need groceries there is a grocery store right next to the boat launch, but best you plan and schedule your food before.

You must bring the following: GPS, waterproof marine radio, flashlight, 2 paddles. You are advised to also bring the following: cell phone, 100' line, light anchor, food and water for on the boat. You need a GPS because if you get separated from the fleet it is easy to get lost and also there are several underwater obstructions which you must stay clear of (and that we identify with the GPS co-ords).


You must time yourself at the end of each leg when 1 crew member touches dry land (the boat does not need to touch land). Use a GPS synced time source such as a cell phone. Scored is with ISAF SCHRS. Each leg is scored separately like a race. The lowest points at the end wins, there is no throwout.


You are responsible for your own safety provisions and notifying race organizers of any problems. Monitor channel 69 on VHF, phone numbers will also be handed out.

You need to be able to get yourself back to shore or call for help in the event of a problem. Some landing locations have been identified by GPS coordinates on each leg where you can go for help. An anchor tied to 100' of line is highly recommended in case you can't right the boat so you don't drift out across the lake or onto shore.

Click Here to open Google maps

Trenton Launching Site driving directions

Day 1

Saturday night stop over will be in Hay Bay at the Perfect Vue Resort. 613.354.3001
They have BBQs there and lots of room for tents.

Day 2 – from Hay Bay to South Bay

Sunday night stop over will be in Waupoos at the Accommodating Bay campground. Laura Anthony 613.476.4734

Day 3 - Waupoos Loop

GPS co-ordinates / waypoints

Garmin Waypoints:

  1. Waypoints with GREEN flags are start/stop points for each day
  2. Waypoints with BLUE flags are points of interest such as boat launches, and marinas where you can go if you need help.
  3. Waypoints with RED flags are HAZARDS. Use these as "proximity" points if your GPS supports them, to help you avoid the hazard.
  4. There are three routes, one for each day.