Don't have a picture handy, but I use a hook setup.

1. Chicken line dead-ends to rudder pintle.
2. Chicken line is lead through small single block.
3. Hook is tied to end of line.
4. Bungee is dead-ended to opposite side of rear beam, led through beam, then tied to single block, sucking middle of chicken line into beam.

The opening on the Infusion rear beam is large enough that the hook can be sucked all the way into the beam. To prevent this, you can put a ball or donut in front of the hook. I have a ball that is still small enough to go into the beam, so if I want to use the chicken lines I just tape over part of the beam opening. Otherwise, I leave the hooks inside the beam so they can't snag anything.

I use hooks because because I don't have a place to mount cleats on my harness. I hook to the trap ring so if we go over I have nothing extra attaching me to the boat.