Built in 2016 and used sparingly, Nacra 15 (Hull #12) is ready to race. Presently located in Clearwater, FL, USA the boat comes complete with all equipment (Jib, Main, Spinnaker, Jib Bag, Main Bag, Spin Bag (spin sock inside), Foil Bag, Boom, Jib Track, Tiller Extension, Tiller Crossbar, Rudders (2), Spi Pole, Mast, Rigging Box (lines, shrouds, blocks and fittings), Hull Pads (2)) including a full boat cover (hulls, trampoline and mast collar). The boat has also been retrofitted with 4 mm shrou
Price: $ 14 300.00


Keith Richardson
Location: Toronto
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Nacra 15 (12) For SaleNacra 15 (12) For Sale